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Shampoo Bar

Shampoo Bar

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If you're ready to remove toxins such as silicone and other polymers from your hair care regime, my Calendula Shampoo Bar or my Syndet Shampoo Bar is for you! 

This shampoo is gentle and restorative for your hair and scalp. Calendula Oil is scientifically shown to have antioxidant and regenerative properties, and to protect against environmental free radicals. This results in a shampoo that gently cleans away dirt and oil while nourishing your hair and scalp. It leaves your hair soft, manageable, and healthy. It moisturizes and soothes your dry, irritated scalp. It strengthens your hair and promotes growth - both thickness and length.

You may even find that my Calendula Shampoo Bar cleans and nourishes your hair so well you no longer need conditioner!

Size: 100g Minimum - Each bar is hand cut, therefore the size of bar may vary. 

The word Syndet is a combination of the words “synthetic” and “detergent” the first three letters from each make up the word SYN-DET. It is made with a combination of surfactants. These Surfactants are able to surround dirt and oil and remove them with water.  There is NO water,  Lye or Beeswax or any oils in this soap bar.  Most soaps are make with vegetable oils and lye. The pH level of these syndet bars is much lower than what you can get with soap which makes it healthier for your hair. 

Size: 120g minimum

Size: 120g minimum



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