Our Story

My name is Linda Mash. 

About 4 years ago, in an effort to maximize the health of my family, I began my research on how to make our home as chemical free as possible. 

I started investing in essential oils to help improve our health and well-being. This was the beginning of my journey to further create a healthier, more chemical-free household. The more I researched and experimented with essential oils, exploring their many benefits and uses, the more recipes I discovered, adapted and created to benefit our home.

Soon I was regularly introducing more and more toxin-free products to my family. I began making and using my own all-natural products for skin care, bathing, and cleaning, etc.  We now exclusively use my homemade hand and face creams, lip balms, deodorant, skin toners, tinctures, household cleaners, soaps and more. 

I absolutely love these products and won’t go back to store-bought again. Not only are these products chemical-free, and therefore non-toxic, they are made with high quality ingredients that have many health benefits for you, your family and your home.  

I’ve been sharing these products with friends and family for several years. They constantly encourage me to make them available for purchase to a wider audience. And I’m now ready to do so!

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