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Linda's Natural Remedies

Bath Salts

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Sea Salts have long been used to enhance overall health and wellness. This wonderful blend combines the benefits of Himalayan Pink Sea Salts, Dead Sea Salt and Lavender. The resulting salt bath will detoxify, energize, rejuvenate and exfoliate your body. Your muscles will be soothed and rehydrated. You will experience relaxation for your body, mind and soul. Salt bath can also help to balance the elements in your body and may lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels. The addition of Lavender to this blend boosts its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, thus promoting healthy skin, improved sleep and reduced stress and anxiety. 

Ingredients: Epsom Salts, Coarse Dead Sea Salts, Himalayan Pink Salts, Sodium Bicarbonate, Lavender Flowers and Fragrance Oils or Essential Oils.